Eggless Cakes

Eggless & Spongy Tuitti Fruity Vanilla Cake.

Everyone loves cake. Period. It`s one of those things…I guess it evokes feeling of comfort – Soft fluffy layers of sponge cake piped with buttercream, or decorated with fondant, filled with fresh fruit cream, or sometimes just a plain vanilla cake..I mean literally plain vanilla! I loved my German Black Forest Cake and my favorite… Continue reading Eggless & Spongy Tuitti Fruity Vanilla Cake.

Eggless Cakes

Eggless Fruit Cake – Christmas Special!!!

All through my childhood, I have always had a fancy for the Kerala Style Plum Cake. It is available in Kerala Bakeries, in Chennai, and as you even pass through them, one simply cannot walk by. The  aromas of freshly baked bread, cup cakes, vanilla sponge cakes, biscuits, vegetable puffs, and  yes my favourite –… Continue reading Eggless Fruit Cake – Christmas Special!!!

Eggless Cakes

Easy Party Snacks – Eggless Orange Muffins.

Oranges are one of my favourite fruits and I invent ways and means to add them to anything and everything. …Cakes, Muffins. Kheer, Salads, the list is almost endless. They infuse the dish with such and aroma and richness that it adds such a zing to it. Oranges are also a rich source of Vitamin… Continue reading Easy Party Snacks – Eggless Orange Muffins.

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Festive Eggless Zebra Cake – Vanilla & Choclate.

After my really long blogging break, my daughter really started missing  my unforeseen delicacies that I make at home for her now and then. She has become so used to my blogging that this morning when I made her a peanut butter nutella sandwich and passed on her little pink plate, she threw a quizzical… Continue reading Festive Eggless Zebra Cake – Vanilla & Choclate.

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Rose – Vanilla Marble Cake.

Wednesday was the surprise baby shower of one of my close friend, so I had voted on  making an eggless cake. There was this bottle of Organic Gulkhand that I had bought at the Global Foods store that was beckoning to me for a long long time.  I had wanted to make a Falooda, but… Continue reading Rose – Vanilla Marble Cake.

Eggless Cakes

Banana Walnut Eggless Cake.

Bananas are one of the most commonly availabe fruit. It comes in a variety of colours  green, yellow, red and in India ,a myriad of hybrids are now available. It also the most versatile fruit as its used in many different forms – fried, frittered, frozen, mashed, pureed, boiled to be made in to puddings,… Continue reading Banana Walnut Eggless Cake.

Eggless Cakes

Eggless Vanilla-Choclate-Orange Marble Cake.

One of the best things that I love about eggless cake is the ability to feast on it without any fear of day or occassion. I always seemed to run out of ideas for a sweet as a Naivedhyam on Fridays and for other gatherings. This is a great option for those quick last minute… Continue reading Eggless Vanilla-Choclate-Orange Marble Cake.