Eggless Cakes.

  1. Baklava – Pastry Sheets filled with nuts and sweetened with honey.
  2. Crunchy Coffee Cookies.
  3. Eggless Nutty Banana Muffins.
  4. Carrot Paneer Savory Muffins.
  5. Banana Chocolate Muffins with Rice Krispies.
  6. Spongy Carrot Cake.
  7. Spinach & Cheese Savory Muffins.
  8. Coffee Sponge Cake with Coffee Buttercream icing sprinkled with Toblerone Chocolate Shavings.
  9. Bangalore Iyengar Bakery style Dilpasand!
  10. Moist Mahogany Chocolate Cake with chocolate buttercream icing.
  11. Fragrant Cinnamon Rolls.
  12. The best brownies ever – You can`t go wrong with this one.
  13. Xylophone Rainbow Cake.
  14. Candied Orange Peel for Christmas Plum Cake.
  15. Eggless Ghirardhelli Chocolate Brownies.
  16. Oreo Truffles – 3 Ingredients, 30 Minutes.
  17. Ten Mins and your own loaf of Bread!
  18. Scream Chesse Brownies.
  19. DIY – Olive Garden Bread Sticks.
  20. Eggless Fudgy Avocado Chocolate Brownies.

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